We help exceptional leaders and clinicians become exceptional coaches

It’s not that you’re not listening…

You’re just listening to something else…your own thoughts. But all too often this slips into preoccupation.

What do you say next? What’s the right coaching question? Which technique or strategy should you use?

Nobody does their best coaching when they’re pre-occupied. And when you’re pre-occupied it always seems like you need to do more.

More thinking about what to say next. More searching for the right question. More techniques.

But what if the answer isn’t to do more? What if the answer is to simply listen?

c = L – I

(coaching equals listening minus interference)

You and your team already have the innate capacity to have impactful coaching conversations.

The Angela Watson Coaching approach is ‘less is more’.

As you reduce the noise of the unhelpful internal chatter (interference) that’s been pre-occupying you, coaching not only becomes more fun, but you’ll be able to bring the ‘less is more’ approach to your leadership, management, clinical, or helping profession.

This is the basis for having the kind of coaching conversations that truly support others and have a positive impact on their levels of performance, productivity, and well-being.

Here’s how you’ll know if you’re a good fit for Angela Watson Coaching Training

  • You are probably a high performing healthcare organisation or business
  • You culture values people, learning, and well-being
  • You know that care, compassion, and resilience are a leader’s biggest asset in times of uncertainty, change, and crises.
  • You recognise that sustainable performance requires creativity, vision and action.
  • You know that your organisation and your senior leadership teams can’t get where you want to go with ‘command and control’, and that you need to embed a Coaching Culture to get the results you want.

Here’s how it works


You book a 15 minute suitability call so that we can exchange information and assess suitability and fit.


We schedule an intake session to get clear on what you want to have happen and what’s possible for you and your organisation.


If we agree you’re a good fit for Angela Watson Coaching Training we’ll propose a brief outline to deliver high impact and transformation.

Your programme is a completely bespoke training experience

When it comes to training courses you can buy a ready made programme off the shelf to be delivered as it is. Or you can buy an off the shelf workshop and have it tailored to your needs.

However a bespoke programme is designed specifically for you.

We will take the time to listen and understand, and then design your bespoke programme.

About Angela Watson

Angela Watson is a Coach trainer, facilitator, mentor, and Executive Coach. She is passionate about showing exceptional leaders and clinicians how to become exceptional coaches…skilled in the art of impactful coaching.

Angela’s primary focus is in developing healthcare leaders and other health professionals to bring the principles behind effective coaching into their leadership, management, educational conversations, and every aspect of their lives. She also creates opportunities to coach and mentor three exceptional leaders and coaches, one a one on one basis for 9 months to a year.

Angela’s 30 years of healthcare experience in clinical and managerial roles, plus 13 years experience in the Coaching Industry, has seen her working with leaders and clinicians in organisations such Health Education England, Oxford and Wessex Deaneries, NHS Leadership Academies, as well as Trusts, and CCG’s.

Over the past decade she’s trained thousands of coaches to achieve professional coaching qualifications accredited by Bristol Business School, University of West of England, and ILM.

Angela has had a paper published in the International Journal of Clinical Leadership, and has featured in two books on coaching.

In 2020 Angela founded The Tree Shirt Project, a social enterprise which supports global reforestation and community well-being projects. And with every Angela Watson Coaching experience, so do you.

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