Drawing from hundreds of experiences in the field of competitive dog sports, my own, and those with my beloved Golden Retrievers, I talk to people about the relationship of human beings to their world, to their thoughts, to other living creatures, to the nature of the human experience and to life itself.

Clients include NHS, Sue Knight, Beyond NLP Training, South West Councils, Dogs Matter, Inspired Purpose, and various dog sport and community groups.

“Most speakers have a speech or a script. I have no set script because my talk is led by you. You ask. I answer. We explore. Your insights go pop.”

Angela Watson

Kind words…

I love your passionate enthusiasm for animals and your creativity in connecting this to working with humans to give them learning about themselves. I loved your tips about letting the love pour out to connect with Harry (Golden Retriever). The best bit for me is the love that flashes from your eyes when you connect with Harry. It’s something I could actually see.” NLP course delegate

“Angela,thank you for sharing that amazing connection between you and Harry. The inherent love, trust,and empathy that you both deomonstrate is humbling.” NLP course delegate

“It was such an honour and privilege to be in the session with you and Harry.It was a spine tingling and powerful moment, and one that is ingrained into my being. Thank you for giving so much.” NLP course delegate

It was such a pleasure to meet you and Harry. We were all the richer for taking a step into your world of Obedience. We were all so inspired by you and for me I am going to model the love,engagement and consideration you show Harry with my children. You’ve really had a lasting impact. NLP course delegate

“Angela pays exquisite attention to a group at the same time as YOU…& every other unique individual in the group. She has an instinct for what’s needed for learning & will use a stunning imagination & well honed knowledge to create the opportunity for it!” Sue White, Master Coach & Supervisor

“The Coaching course was an eye-opening experience and I’ve already started using coaching questions with trainees with good effect. Definitely the best ‘non-clinical’ course I’ve ever been on. I thought your leadership and teaching style were great, and the group gelled really well.” Dr Jacqui Nevols, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHST.

“Angela not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes her students to exceed their personal boundaries, think for themselves and gain deeper insights, broader horizons and greater self awareness. Angela has opened my eyes to possibilities way beyond my ken.” Alastair Behenna, CIO/IT Director

“Angela’s personal style, her wisdom. kindness, humour, and natural ability to connect with me made the whole experience so enjoyable. I’m privileged to have been trained by Angela who is truly an expert in her field.” Clare Garrison, Learning & Development Lead

“Angela has the rare ability to move from profound insight to humour to really land a message. A truly impactful coach and coach trainer.” Coaching Course participant.

Work with Angela

For Dog Handlers and Competitors.

Arrange a free, no obligation conversation with Angela about sport, life, or anything else you might be curious about.


Invite Angela and her dogs, to speak at your conference, course, seminar, or retreat.

Team Development

Handlers and their dogs work together as one. Angela’s unique programmes offer teams the opportunity to develop ways of working together to maximise individual and team performance.

Listening Workshops (2 hrs)

Listening is the power behind every interaction. How well you listen has everything to do with where you’re listening from – a quiet place within.

Book Angela to deliver an online listening workshop for your organisation.

For Coaches, Clinicians, and Leaders

Drawing from a body of work developed over 15 years in her work with leaders, coaches, and sports dogs, Angela brings the insights, focus, and understanding of the nature of the human experience to bear on these game changing conversations.

About Angela

Dog handler, coach, speaker

Angela Watson is a high performance sports dog handler and judge. For 14 years she’s provided coaching and consulting services for dog handlers and competitors, coaches, leaders, and medical educators. And she has conducted workshops, day long seminars, and retreats for teams, dog sport groups, healthcare organisations, and from the stages of business conferences and dog training camps. In each of these disparate settings, her compelling speaking style is moving and relevant, transcending the confines of any individual context.

Behind these talents lies a very physical attempt to awaken people to the nature of who they are, and the possibilities for human happiness.

Credited with training thousands of leaders and coaches on the game-changing nature of coaching, Angela is now sharing with audiences of all persuasions, her unique take on presence, awareness, self-listening, and connection, exploring the themes that run through every human (and non-human) life – joy and loss, vulnerability and courage, love and happiness – as well as their implications for a more harmonious world.

Angela has competed at Crufts, been featured in ILM Edge Magazine, Essential Career Transition Skills For Coaches, and in the International Journal of Clinical Leadership.

For over a decade, she has enjoyed Obedience, Mantrailing, and Obreedience, and she’s passionate about advocating for positive, motivational, training methods that respect and promote the wellbeing of both people and animals.

She makes her home with her Golden Retrievers, in North Hampshire, in the UK, where the fields, trees, and changeable skies remind her of her ancestral roots, which are firmly planted outdoors in the countryside.

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Hi, I’m Angela Watson,

When I turned my back on a successful NHS career, I started a corporate training consultancy and got a dog, not knowing where my life would take me next. Before that I spent 17 years as a nurse, then an operational manager, with a team of 300. I learnt a lot about people, but what I’ve learnt since, is that the way to bring out the best in a high performance sports dog, is a metaphor for how to bring out the best in people.

Whether interacting with dogs, or interacting with people, you already do a great job. But what more is possible? What more is available to you? Could you have a more profound impact? I speak with large audiences or intimate groups, from 1 hour, to a full day’s training, I draw from hundreds of experiences in the field of dog sports, my own, and those with my beloved Golden Retrievers, Lucy, Harry, Jasper, and Berty.

My interventions explore the relationship of human beings to their world, to their thoughts, to other living creatures, to the nature of the human experience and to life itself. My insights and stories have been shared with parents, leaders, medical educators, coaches, clinicians, and from the stages of business conferences and dog sport camps. In each of these disparate settings, my compelling speaking style is moving and relevant, transcending the confines of any individual context.

Would you like to improve the quality of your interactions with ease and increase your possibilities for happiness? Through the human/canine relationship, together we’ll explore how. You’ll never have seen a speaker like me and my Golden Retrievers before, I guarantee it.

It’s not that you’re not listening…

I bet you don’t often stop to give someone a good listening to. Hardly anyone does.

And what if that ‘someone’ is you? How are you at listening to yourself ? Your intuition? Your gut instinct? Your gentle inner voice? Your heart? Your soul?

With the busyness of your day, we know how hard it can be to take the time to just listen to both yourself and others.

It’s not that you’re not listening. You’re just listening to something else…the brass band playing in your head. But all too often this slips into preoccupation.

And nobody does their best listening when they’re preoccupied. And when you’re preoccupied it always seems like you’ve got to try really hard to concentrate, because you’ve got so much on your mind.

But what if the answer isn’t to ‘try harder”? What if the answer is to try less?

Listening is the power behind every interaction…

The thing is, everyone already has the innate capacity to listen. We were born with it. The only thing that gets in the way is a busy mind.

How well you listen has everything to do with where you’re listening from – a quiet place, with not much on your mind, and a feeling of clarity, calm, and wellbeing.

As the noise in your head quietens down, your ability to actually listen, with more ease and less effort, automatically improves.

Listening is something that we teach on its own, and it’s also the foundation of all our programmes. Listening is the power behind any human interaction. Simply all we need to do is decide listening is a good idea, and then do it. What we explore is how…

Here’s how you’ll know if you’re a good fit for Angela Watson Coaching training.

  • You’re an organisation, a business, charity, or community group, who cares about people and the planet.
  • You value health and wellbeing ahead of tick boxes, or the bottom line.
  • You know that care and compassion, are people’s greatest assets in times of uncertainty, change, and crisis.
  • You and your team are ready to challenge your assumptions and perceptions of what’s possible.
  • You recognise that sustainable performance requires a wellbeing culture where people feel heard, valued, and that they matter.
  • You know that you and your colleagues can’t have effective conversations with busy, preoccupied minds, and that you need to slow down and listen, to have a game-changing impact.
  • You want to be a better leader, clinician, mentor, supervisor, coach, human being.